Monday, September 3, 2007

Lafferty Springs

On Saturday, the first of September, our crew took a drive to Lafferty in order to document the spring and the cave above it. We arrived at approximately 10;45 a.m. and spent about 45 minutes at the location. While there, we explored the various outlets along the side of the hill, some which have been tapped for use by homes down in the Lafferty Valley below the springs.

We also ascended the steep wash that stretches from the cave at the top to the branch at the bottom. Because we did not bring any lighting, we only took a peek inside the cave and decided to come back for a more thorough investigation of the feature at a later date.

Our short trip allowed us to get some great shots of the Sanctuary Ranch as well as some of the dam on Lafferty Creek.

A reader had commented about the stone basin located at the spring in an earlier post ...which we photographed and have posted at EIC.

The spring was not as robust as we have seen in the past. An extended period of dry weather is to blame. We plan to return when we can capture the spring as it cascades down the wash.

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