Monday, April 28, 2008

EIC...Two Years On's the second anniversary of the first post at Exploring Izard County!

Our event this past Saturday, the Ozarks Skoolin' Road Trip, was a wonderful success in every area and the perfect Birthday Party for EIC. We had some wonderful stories shared by interesting people swapped our own stories with those of our readers ...other lovers of Izard. While having a fun day enjoying the Izard County spring at some very special places, we also were able to raise money for the restoration/preservation of the Old Schoolhouse at Lunenburg. We were also successful, I believe, in getting across to those who participated in the event the importance of doing what we can to help restore/preserve other historic sites in the county including Lunenburg's sister, Te Old Scoolhouse at Mount Olive.

We visited the Clay Cave, Athens Courthouse Site, Piney Creek, and the delightful arroyo above Piney Creek on the Gorby Road before driving on to our final destination, Knob Creek Church.

We were graced by the presence of Mrs. Mary Lafferty Wilson (the great-great grandaughter of John Lafferty himself and avid family historian) and her husband Art. I met Mrs. Mary online by accident sorta...and have enjoyed our e-mail exchanges since. Her passion for the history of her family and its role in the development of this area is inspirational to me.

The deeper I get into the land and the people who dwelt in the land...the more determined I am to learn, document, and share all that I can share. This county deserves to be noticed. Its history deserves to be re-discovered!

Thanks everyone, for encouraging us to do more of what we've been doing. I know that your interest is what drives me personally.