Friday, September 14, 2007

September 8, 2007

Totally Gid, Dude!

Today, we took our friend, Donny, to visit the amazing features at Gid. We visited both waterfalls and the old Indian Shelter above the Grist-Mill.

It was a beautiful day, though humid. The stream of water falling off the rock at the smaller of the two falls (upstream) was quite thin. We took the opportunity to spend a little time wandering around and looking at some of the interesting formations a little farther down the creek. We are quite sure the creek bottom and the hollow it follows would make an excellent hiking trail.

Downstream, at the Grist-Mill Waterfall, we drove to the top of the falls and got some footage and shots of the feature from above. Afterwards we descended the hill and enjoyed the cool spray as the spring-fed water pummeled the rock at the foot of the falls.

As we headed out, we stopped at the top of the opposite ridge and visited the old Indian Cave there. More great video! This feature is truly worth notice...a large shelter with two of which has a stream of water falling into.

September 11, 2007

Return to Lafferty Cave

Rick and I both have sons whose birthdays occured this week. Today, we took one of them...Rick's...also a member of the EIC Lafferty. We climbed the falls up to the cave and went in to take a look. A hundred feet or so into the cave lies a pair of streams. Following the second of these brought us to a flooded tunnel. Though we had three lights, we had not come prepared to wade an underground creek. One day we will return fully prepared for an excursion.

We had fun, though. As we always do.


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