Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rollercoaster Recon!


The last couple of months has been completely unpredictable! One should wonder why, though.

One would think that...considering it happens the same way every danged year...that a person would realize that the period of late-Spring to early-Summer is the very BUSIEST time of year. At least if you have kids involved in baseball/softball and church activities!

Heck - One should likewise have come to the conclusion LONG AGO that this time of the year is the most brutal time to be trekking through the bush to see the wonders hidden there. After decades of experience, one should also recollect that hiding among the hidden wonders of Izard...are the hidden MONSTERS of Izard.

Monsters that cling to every blade of grass...leap from every tree - eight legged critters that suck the juices out of you and leave you clawing in agony for over a week! Flying leviathans that likewise leave you scarred...some so stealthy you never know they were even there!

And...though I've personally only had a couple of years to develop my own "dos and dont's" of nature photogtaphy and historical should also quickly retain the knowledge that the Ozark Jungle does not give good visibility of photographic subjects. There are photos (especially of buildings and structures) that are just unachievable this time of year.

And then there's the HEAT!

And the blasted HUMIDITY! should know not to make predictions or plans during the two to three month period of late-Spring and early-Summer! Getting one's self...or gracious landowners out of the A/C to take photos is just too UNPREDICTABLE andsets up a rollercoaster-ride for the enthusiastic explorer.

One should think, anyway.

Now...though we haven't plodded off the beaten track...much...this Summer (the times we have DID spark our memories), we have visited some sights either on...or not far off the highways and backroads. We've seized the season and used this time to get some of the old buildings and historic structures in the county documented for Exploring Izard County. As a matter of fact (I'm making no prediction here), I'm calling the owner of the old Trimble Homeplace today to see if we can set up a visit. The Trimble family made the journey west from Kentucky with members of the Lafferty family and were among the very first white-settlers in the county! The house still stands...and because it has been officially carbon-dated...we know it is the oldest known house standing in Izard.

Though we'll make no predictions for a month or two, one thing's for certain!

We'll continue to take every opportunity to seek out and visit the amazing wonders that Izard County offers!

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barbietj said...

Im trying to locate Miss Mary! Im a decendent of John Lafferty and Sarah Lindsey, my great X 5 grandparents. My grandmother is a Creswell. I've been researching and trying to locate exactly where John and Sarah lived and where they might be buried. I'm traveling home this summer to explore with my 94 year old grandmother and parents. Austin Lafferty was my 4 great grandfather and Matilda 3 great grandmother...she married Alfred Creswell my Grandmother's great Grandfather. I just don't know what town Im looking for?