Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holiday Fun!

Second Lookout

What a great couple of weeks we've had Exploring Izard County! Besides returning to Moonshine Cave, we also decided to take a stroll below the Second Lookout to explore the bluffline that runs along the ridge. We were rewarded with waterfalls, several little bluff-shelters, and an actual cave!
The cave is a small fissure that appears to go a good ways back into the mountain, but we don't know for sure because none of us had the energy (or guts) to proceed farther than a few feet inside the mouth. There was a fuzzy critter just inside, however...a hibernating bat which was completely oblivious to the mist gathered on its fur from the splashing drips of water seeping from the roof.

Needle's Eye and Moon Eye

Today, we were treeated to a hike that we have anticipated for some time...since friend of the site, Wayne Hill, e-mailed me about the feature known as "Needle's Eye and Moon Eye". After driving up Piney Creek...past the swimming hole lovingly known as "The Nars" (Narrows), we parked at the old Calvin Jones homeplace and proceeded to hike for about 30 minutes to a place above Mill Creek that delighted the whole crew!

The feature is a rock-formation in a bluff above the creek that features a tunnel through the bluff (Needle's Eye) , a large shelter that was once occupied by ancient peoples, and a wonderful natural bridge towering above (Moon Eye).

We all agree that his is one of the most astonishing sights we have visited and featured on the blog. Not only is the feature itself exciting, but the walk to the place was greatly enjoyed by the whole crew as well!

As an added treat, here's a couple of Photos of the old Doc Fleming/Hill place. It is rumored to be haunted! We've discussed adding a page to the EIC blogs called, "Haunted Izard County".

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